Reviews Funga Fix

  • Constantin
    Very good cream, cured perennial fungus with it. And before that three years could not wear on the people to withdraw without shame, such a dreadful nails were.
    Funga Fix
  • Floarea
    If you picked up athlete's foot in the beauty salon friend advised me Funga Fix. She is a dermatologist and is often confronted with similar. That is to say, an effective drug for 2 weeks cured the fungus.
    Funga Fix
  • Gheorghe
    Yes, in Europe a long time from allergies do not suffer as we, for a week he treated it. And we only remains, that from abroad cream to order. Well, at least something.
    Funga Fix
  • Maria
    Treated the fungus to his son this cream. He is 6 years old, in the locker room picked up. Antibiotics cannot be used, little else, and Funga Fix excellent work, natural and most importantly! At any age you can apply.
    Funga Fix
  • Ana
    And me, or what to order? And I'm with my fungus for the fourth year now, it's not working. Maybe, although the European way to cure.
    Funga Fix
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