Foot fungus

Foot fungus is a disease of an infectious nature, which is provoked by pathogenic fungi. It is the fungus on the feet is by far one of the most common fungal infections (mycoses). This disease is transmitted from person to person. In this special group at risk are family members and loved ones of the patient for whom it becomes a source of infection.

fungus of the feet

The causative agent of foot fungus

The fungus actively proliferates in the environment of neutral or slightly alkaline. Consequently, a strong sweating – this is the first and the most important risk factor for the occurrence of the fungus on the feet, in the area where the skin is permanently closed. The fungus can withstand low temperature even after the fungus is frozen, it can be a causative agent of the disease. In turn, high temperatures on the fungus affected negatively: when the temperature is 75 degrees, the fungus dies after about 15 minutes. In the process of boiling the fungus dies after 3-5 minutes. Therefore, for disinfection in case of contamination risk fungal infections can be applied to very high temperatures. So, the clothes and linen of the patient, who had contact with the diseased skin, it is recommended thoroughly boiled and ironed. Also for disinfection of footwear using one percent solution of formalin, in which the fungus is killed after about twenty minutes.

Causes of foot fungus

Fungi thrive in a humid environment. Therefore, fungal diseases are being formed much faster, if the shoes is often not perfectly dry. Most often infection with a fungus happens in saunas, pools, in showers where the floor is constantly wet in an optimal breeding ground for fungus.There are cases of fungus infection on the foot using accessories for manicure and pedicure. Note that the fungi that are the causative agents of mycoses, withstand drying. In the process of drying for a specified time only delayed the growth of fungi. But the flakes of skin or hair, lost infected person, the fungus can remain capable of living for several years. And if such a particle enters the optimal development of the fungus conditions, the pathogen may regain the ability to reproduce and grow.

The fungus infection on the feet always occurs due to contact, passed from person to person. Athlete's foot (foot fungus) manifests in most cases in adults, in children this disease is very rare. This feature is related to several factors – changes in the PH of the skin with age, the structure of the stratum corneum of the skin, a weakened immune system, which provoke disease that often occurs with age. Also the fungus manifests itself on the background of changes in metabolic processes, endocrine diseases, diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal tract. More often the infection by the fungus occurs in those who suffer from poor circulation in the legs, and also has a deformed foot. Stress, excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking, excessive antibiotics, and anemia are also conditions that have the appearance of fungus on the feet. Very often on the fungus on the feet patients can be recognized only when undergo a regular medical examination, or they have a problem cosmetic and discomfort. However, neglected the treatment of foot fungus is more difficult process. Besides, a number of fungi which infect the human body, secrete poisonous substances, which is fraught with appearance of toxins in the body.

foot fungus symptoms

Symptoms of foot fungus

Usually infected with fungus in a patient manifested by peeling and further peeling off of the skin, and later, in place of moulds there are small bubbles inside of which is a liquid. A little later the bubbles burst, and this place on the skin appear cracked and inflammation. The patient feels severe itching, pain, lesions do not heal for a very long time. Later fungus of the feet moved on, grabbing the toes, the back of the foot. In these places there are also some bubbles. Sometimes due to infection the vesicles become cloudy, starting to be opened, forming erosion. With this state the patient may experience swelling of the skin, fever. If time does not take measures for the treatment of foot fungus, it affects the toenails. This changes the color of the nails, they become much denser, and then completely destroyed.

Diagnosis of foot fungus

If you notice such symptoms should immediately consult a specialist or dermatologist. After examination of the patient and conduct the necessary research doctor determines the type of fungus that struck the skin on my feet. At diagnosis must be carried out survey scales affected skin in vitro.

Treatment of foot fungus

Early treatment of foot fungus that has spread to fingernails, producing, eliminating the affected nail plates. But the nail that was grown on his place, very often were also affected by the fungus. Today surgical methods are used much less frequently and only in some forms of the fungus.Today the use of modern drugs for treating fungus on the feet guarantees a fast and effective treatment from the disease. Most of these funds very effectively compete immediately with a number of different kinds of fungi. Treatment for foot fungus are divided into drugs systemic exposure and local drugs. A positive result in their application is observed in approximately 95% of cases. However, systemic drugs are not indicated for the treatment of children, pregnant and lactating women. They can not be combined with certain medications.As local funds are used ointments, gels, aerosols, creams, powders. Simply to apply and they easily fall under skin folds and between your toes. In the blood these drugs do not penetrate, hence they are less dangerous than system tools. But to completely get rid of the fungus, such funds should be used a much longer period – about a month. In addition, if the patient has a lesions of the nail, then use only local funds are insufficient.Drugs for treating fungus on the feet from the modern manufacturers of low toxic, moreover, there is a very wide choice of funds: in the process of therapy is used about 200 of antifungal drugs.However, self-medication in this case was not justified. Because the doctor understands what the patient immunity, if there is any malfunction in the functioning of the endocrine system, how high the sweating of the skin and a number of other points.

Prevention of fungus on feet

the foot fungus prevention

Experts say that is too wide dissemination of the fungus provokes a General weakening of immunity in humans due to the consumption of too many different drugs, poor environmental conditions, lack of vitamins in the body. Thus, the anticipation of these factors is the methods of prevention of foot fungus and infections fungal infections in General.It is advisable to periodically take courses adaptogens and antioxidants. It can be Siberian ginseng, ginseng, sea buckthorn oil, Essenciale, vitamin E, other vitamin complexes.Infection by the fungus feet contribute to minor injuries on the legs, excessive sweating. Therefore, for the comfort sense to wear only comfortable, well dried and clean shoes. Shoes desirable to change every day wearing the same pair for at least a day. The boots should be treated after wearing inside a special spray for shoes. You should not go without rubber footwear in public pools, saunas and other places with high humidity. When you visit friends and acquaintances it is better not to use other people's bedroom Slippers, and to bring their own. You should not try on shoes in the store on bare feet – it is best to use your own thick socks. After bathing the feet should always wipe thoroughly and dry it, do not forget to wipe between the toes. If there is any doubt regarding possible contamination with fungus, it is better to put on feet topical antifungal remedy. In the case of suspected infection with the fungus treatment should begin immediately.