Fungus between toes symptoms and treatment through various means

the causes of the disease

One of the common pathologies of the skin is the fungus between the toes. Treatment depends on concomitant diseases and degrees of neglect. Often to eliminate the signs of mycoses antifungal agents are appointed in various forms. At the initial stage of the disease is quite effective folk methods that you can use at home without harm for health.

The causes of the disease

Based on the pathological state is a skin fungal infection, which triggers the fungus in the toes. With a strong immune system the human body rejects infection and disease does not develop. But in many people the immune system is weakened that it becomes a favorable environment for disease development.

You can become infected from an infected person through direct contact and sharing items of personal hygiene. Towels, home shoes and other things that will become a source of infection. Predisposing factors are:

  • Dermatological diseases of a chronic nature with periodic exacerbations, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.
  • Wearing on a regular basis tight and uncomfortable shoes made of artificial materials.
  • Regular violation of rules of personal hygiene.
  • Deficiency of vitamins and mineral compounds.
  • The strengthened work of sweat glands, which leads to the fact that between the toes getting wet. This provokes the development of infection and intense reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Frequent injury to the skin.
  • Violation of metabolic processes.
  • Vascular disease of the lower extremities.
  • Sores or non-healing wounds on the fingers and feet.
  • Fungal infection of the nails, turning the space between your fingers.

At risk are people who on a regular basis visit saunas, baths or pools. In these areas the accumulation of fungal infection is greatest and to infect quite a few minutes in a bathroom stall, where stood the infected person. Especially often athlete's foot develops in children who are in school or preschool institution are in close contact with patients.

The symptoms of mycosis

Before to treat foot fungus between toes, need to know how it looks and what the symptoms are. The disease most often manifests itself as follows:

gerboc between fingers
  • The initial stage is not different pronounced symptoms and can go unnoticed for many people. On the delicate skin between the toes cracks, because of which it becomes unhealthy. The epidermis is dry and peels off in small scales. The patient was worried about the itching and moderate pain. This is especially true at night, when the feet freed from shoes.The active stage follows the primary and is more intense signs. In place of peeling red spots. Itching accompanies us constantly, that leads to irritation of the epidermis and severe mange.
  • Progressive stage characterized by the appearance of the small blisters filled with clear fluid. When contacting with the fabric socks and shoes bubbles burst in their place there is weeping surface and abrasions that often bleed. Over time, these areas are covered by crusts of brown or yellow.
  • Advanced stage is characterized by the spread of the pathological process in the surrounding tissue and the nail plate. Nails turn yellow, exfoliate and crumble. When you try to remove the crust in their place by open wounds which did not respond to treatment. The bacteria on the wound surface rapidly evolving and moving into the deeper layers. Pain accompanies man constantly interferes with the normal movement of the skin hyperemic and edematous. There are always new bubbles already filled with fluid, and manure. If therapy is not available, the disease may reach the muscle layer. To get rid of it will be very difficult.

A characteristic feature of mycosis at any stage will be an unpleasant smell from feet, even after a recent cleaning and processing shoes. Shoes also accumulate bacteria and requires cleaning chemicals with disinfectant. The most dangerous complication of a pathologic process will be the penetration of fungal infection in blood and mycosis of the internal organs.

Diagnostic methods

diagnostic methods

An experienced dermatologist quite carefully inspect the skin between the fingers to determine the mycosis. But to clarify the diagnosis takes special scrapings from the affected areas to study for his type of infection.

In the laboratory doing the bacterial inoculation of the material obtained and identify the exact type of pathogen. After that the expert may prescribe appropriate therapy.

An important step in the diagnosis will identify the cause and mode of transmission. It is also necessary to determine the stage of the disease. If the patient before referral to a specialist was in contact with other people or family members, should be carried out preventive treatment all households to prevent infection.

Drug therapy

Treatment of fungus on the toes depends on the severity of the disease. The initial stage can be cured only by external means in the form of ointments or solutions. Advanced cases yield only to a combination of drugs with preformed external to achieve maximum results in a short time.

To determine the optimal variant in each particular case should only doctor. It is impossible to treat fungal infection at home medication because they often have contraindications and side effects often provoke an allergic reaction.

If the therapy is ineffective for 4 weeks, the patient's condition deteriorates, the doctor again takes a scraping from the affected area. It is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the bacteria to the medication.

Recipes alternative medicine

In house conditions it is permissible to use some folk remedies that will help to stop the progression of the disease. The initial stage of fungal infection may be cured by such means:

folk therapy
  1. Regular soda and salt. To use them in the form of trays, dissolving in 3 liters of water a tablespoon of each of the funds. Duration home therapy session — at least 20 minutes. The water should be hot but not scalding. Repeat the procedure daily, course duration is 2 weeks. The optimal time for treatment before going to sleep.
  2. Herbal decoction on the basis of chamomile, dry leaves of celandine and plantain will be the best home remedy with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Cook it simply, to separate 50 grams of each ingredient, chop and boil in 3 liters of water for at least 5 minutes. The filtered medium is ready to use after 20 minutes of infusion. In decoction it is necessary to lower the foot and keep it to cool down. Hold therapy before bedtime daily for 2-3 weeks.
  3. Vinegar is allowed to apply for daily wiping of problem areas between the toes or as a lotion. The second option is suitable at the initial stage, if the lesion is small. Lotions are made from a cotton swab, previously soaked in vinegar 9% and applied to the affected area for 20 minutes. A day are allowed up to 3 treatments. Therapeutic effect is noticeable after 10 days of regular use.
  4. Alcoholic solution of iodine 5% allows to get rid of the fungus for 2 weeks. Treatment should be done in the morning and the evening. Before the procedure leg is recommended to steam in hot bath and dry with a towel. The processing should pay attention not only to the skin and plate of the nail so that the infection does not spread. This method may only be used at the initial stage. In contact with iodine to open wounds greatly increases the risk of burns and deterioration of the patient.
  5. potassium permanganate
  6. Potassium permanganate at an initial stage may be used for the treatment of the affected areas or steaming toes. To prepare the solution needed in hot water, add a few crystals to obtain the unsaturated pink hue. In the resulting solution can soak my feet for 20 minutes a day or moisten a cotton swab several times a day to lubricate the area of inflammation. As a rule, enough 2 weeks of regular use of any method to completely get rid of the fungus.
  7. Birch tar can be purchased at the pharmacy. To put it in pure form on problem areas and the nail plate. The layer should be thin, the exposure time is not more than 40 minutes, because that's a pretty aggressive tool and frequently provoke allergic reactions. If it is impossible to get allowed to just wash his feet every evening with soap out of tar. The duration of therapy with tar must not exceed 10 days. Soap as prophylaxis are allowed to use on a regular basis.

The use of any traditional remedies requires prior consultation with a specialist to prevent complications.

Prevention of infection

To avoid the disease will help simple preventive measures. It is necessary to strictly observe the rules of hygiene, to give preference to the socks and shoes from natural materials in a timely manner to treat any disease of the skin on the legs or small injuries. After visiting the pool or sauna it is recommended to treat the feet with antiseptic solutions and prevent the use of other people's personal hygiene.

If the first signs of fungal infection, it is recommended to immediately begin treatment. This will allow you to get rid of the problem in the short term and to avoid complications.