Foot fungus and nails: symptoms, treatment and prevention methods

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According to statistics, every fourth inhabitant of the Earth suffers from fungal infections of the feet and nails.


Foot fungus and nails (onychomycosis) is a common infectious disease among women and among men. Causes of infectious fungus can be very different – from a weakened immune system, damage to the nail layer.


The process starts with the skin, often with interdigital folds, where the formation of cracks and peeling. As a rule, the skin gradually begins to redden and on it there are small bubbles, which bursting, form sores and cracks. If not to prevent the "hearth" of the fungus may gradually spread to the nails. For fungi nails are the perfect place for breeding. Nails are composed of keratin – substances that feed the pathogens of fungal infections. The fungus, once in the nail plate, grows, and reproduces. Gradually, the nail plate fade, thicken, become rough surface and covered with yellow spots. The nails break easily and flake and lose their aesthetic appearance!

The main symptoms

The main symptoms of fungal toe nails can be listed:

  • Cracks in the interdigital folds (usually between 1-2 m and 4-5 m fingers);
  • Thickening or thinning of the nail;
  • Itching and burning;
  • Redness and peeling;
  • Delamination;
  • Bad smell from the nails.
the adoption of the foot bath


Severe sweating is a main factor of occurrence of fungi on the feet. Therefore it is necessary for the comfort sense to wear only comfortable, well dried and clean shoes. It is recommended to change shoes every day, wearing the same pair, at least every other day. There are other causes of onychomycosis. For example, damage to the nail layer. If the nail is tightly connected to the skin, in the cavity can easily penetrate the microbes begin to proliferate, thus destroying the nail.


Well the fungus multiplies in a moist environment. Therefore, if Your shoes remains poorly dried, it is likely to encounter fungal diseases. Following a few simple rules will help You maintain the health and beauty of your feet:

  • Wear only comfortable and definitely high-quality shoes;
  • Shoes should be clean and dry. The pharmacy can buy a spray to protect from fungus and treat shoes and feet.
  • In the bath, the sauna, the fitness room, you should not walk barefoot. Take slates.
  • You should not wear shoes with strange feet.
  • After a shower as carefully as possible and it is better to wipe feet, especially between the toes.
  • Manicure accessories always disinfect – immerse in alcohol.


In medicine there is a modern way of getting rid of the fungus and hardware cleaning nails. This is a very effective procedure that will help regain the beauty of your nails. Using special nozzles to remove the top damaged layer of the nail plate. Not damaged nail bed. Do not be afraid and do not panic. The procedure is painless! The doctor before the procedure disinfect the surface of the nail plate to anti-fungal ointments and medicines better inside.

Hardware method of treatment of the fungus shall be appointed in the event that affected more than 60% of the surface. In such cases, the doctor may remove the nail plate. If the affected less than 40% of the nail plate, then prescribe a course of medications antifungals. Laser treatment is one of the effective methods of getting rid of the fungus. The luminous flux of the laser instantly kills the fungus and its spores. The duration of treatment varies from 20 to 30 minutes. For the complete elimination of the fungus will take at least 3-5 laser irradiation. Laser treatment as well as medical cleaning is a painless procedure.


It is recommended to disinfect everything that could touch the fungus. High temperature is the main enemy of the fungus. At a temperature of 75 degrees the fungus is killed within 10-15 minutes. Therefore, for disinfection in case of contamination risk fungal infections can be applied to very high temperatures. Personal items (underwear, footwear, skin care, nails) – it is recommended thoroughly boiled and ironed. To disinfect shoes you can also use a one percent solution of formalin, in which the fungus is killed within minutes or special tools for sanitary processing. Always remember that to neglect the prevention of fungus is very dangerous, because this problem is not only the owners of neglected or sick legs, but also quite healthy people who can be infected in any public place.