Fungus between toes treatment, causes, symptoms

Fungus between toes

According to statistics, suffer from fungus 20% of the total population. Many people let the disease take its course, and then regret, because the disease progresses, moves to other areas of the skin and even internal organs, complications, patient fungus gives aesthetic and physical discomfort.

The disease appears in any part of the body: the skin, internal organs, bone tissues, for example, nail plates. As soon as the signs of the disease, an urgent need to contact an experienced dermatologist to treatment was progressive, and the patient got rid of the pain, inconvenience.

When foot fungus, the first symptoms usually appear between the fingers. Here you experience itching, inflammation, dryness and flaking. There are several types of fungus between the fingers, depending on his changing medications. This should be done by specialist. This article will explain what fungus between toes symptoms, causes, how to cure it, see photo.

Causes fungus between toes

Regardless of the location of the lesion fungus, the etiology of the disease remains constant. 60-70% of people who go to the doctor, the fungus caused by the genus dermatophytes. But just to set the view needs a doctor. Appears fungus for the following reasons:

  • When visiting public places where there is a warm and humid climate, high risk of infection. This also applies to the employees of these places and not just visitors. In this case, it is necessary to observe preventive measures.
  • The infection from a family member or roommate at home. Regular floor or carpet can be a source of disease, but the families are even higher risk, since they usually use the common hygiene items: washcloths, towels, nail accessories, various hygiene products.
  • Wearing someone else's clothes (socks) or shoes.
  • Higher risk of infection in people at risk, which include patients with bad immune defense, vitamin deficiency, living in places with poor environmental situation, suffer from endocrine diseases, such as obesity and diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular systems of people who take antibiotics and hormonal drugs excessively, with increased sweating and dryness of the legs, pregnant women.
  • Skin pathology of the feet and between the toes.
  • Grazes, scratches and cuts between the toes.
  • Poor blood supply in the legs.

The symptoms of fungus between toes

The fungus between the fingers occurs due to propagation of fungi such as molds, dermatophytes, yeast.

Manifestations of the disease can be divided into stages.

So, at the beginning of the disease the fungus usually develops in secret. The fungus invades the area between the middle, ring and little fingers on his feet. Then the disease progresses, moves to the foot.

  • The first stage, which is called the erased, is characterized by dryness of the skin between the toes, over her to cover cracks in all the foot and toe area, there is delamination of the upper layer of the dermis. The patient may complain of pain, itching and burning in the affected areas. This stage may not be so noticeable to the patient so he does not consider it necessary to consult a dermatologist. It is very important to diagnose the disease at this stage, to prevent complications and progression of the disease.
  • The second stage – skin. Manifestations of this stage are noticeable to the patient, with her patients seek treatment. In the second stage appear on the skin papules and inflamed areas. The skin is thickened, dry and more visible, the fingers, the feet swell. Itching becomes unbearable, the patient complains of severe pain, especially when walking. Stage brings considerable physical inconvenience.
  • The third stage squamous gipertroficescoy. The disease progresses, the skin becomes unpleasant appearance, thickens. The cracks become larger and deeper, are formed exesa areas. On the fingers, and between them there is a whitish plaque. Itching may be the same or increase.
  • The fourth and last stage – intertriginous. At this stage the affected areas are filled with manure, inflammation in the form of red sections very noticeable. The patient is difficult to move around due to pain in the legs when walking. Feet swollen, papules are opened and leave open sores, which lead to secondary infections. The disease spreads to other areas of the feet, including the nail plate.

Fungus treatment between toes

The dermatologist carries out all necessary procedures for an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Established genus of fungus afflicting the skin.

There is a method of self-diagnosing fungus, to which the foot is immersed in a potassium permanganate solution and leave for ten minutes. Healthy skin is stained, the patient is not. Thus it is possible to identify the disease at the beginning of its development and in time to see a doctor.

Doctor interrogates the patient. What are his symptoms as long ago there was a disease, or diseases of the internal organs. Then the dermatologist conducts a visual inspection of the affected areas. Biopsy of the skin to Refine the appearance of the fungus. Also for the diagnosis and preparation regimens following methods are used:

  • The study of the skin under a black light lamp (wood Lamp). This procedure is performed quite quickly – less than a minute as the UV light is harmful to health.
  • Bacteriological seeding – shall be held within 20 days, but with this method it is possible to accurately establish the type of fungus and the further course of treatment.

The doctor also determines the degree of immune protection. Tells how to treat fungus between the toes.

As practice shows, the best results can be achieved by applying various forms of drugs. This treatment is called complex and includes the use of various forms of drugs (ointments, creams, sprays), complete the various procedures, the use of recipes of traditional medicine to enhance the effectiveness of medicines. To assign a complex treatment needs doctor. The duration of therapy can take a month or several years, depending on the type of fungus and the stage of the disease.

Commonly used drugs of the following types:

  • Hormonal remedy from fungus between the toes. They include the active ingredient, which is a hormone. This is the most effective means, but they should be used only on prescription and when the usual medicines do not help.
  • Conventional ointments, creams, gels, drops, sprays. The most common kind of drugs for therapy.
  • The vitamins and minerals.

In the course of treatment offers physiotherapy and advised to observe proper diet to improve metabolism and enhance immunity.

Fungus treatment between toes folk remedies

The home medicine in the self-manifestation of the therapeutic effect is almost not responsible, but if you combine it with drugs in the complex therapy as a Supplement, the result can be very happy. To treat fungus between the toes at home without professional help is not recommended.

Please note!

Many drugs are prohibited for pregnant women, breastfeeding and children cause an allergic reaction in patients because of the synthetic composition. In this case, without the use of natural remedies will not do. Before using home remedies need to see a patient for an allergic reaction.

Usually to treat fungus between fingers use trays with different ingredients, such as:

  • Salt and sodium bicarbonate. You can apply the bath with these components separately or together. The water is lowered the legs for 15-20 minutes before treatment should be washed and dry feet. After the procedure also dried with a towel, put on socks.
  • Apple and wine vinegar effectively destroy the fungus. In the water with a concentrated solution of vinegar set foot in 10-15 minutes after the procedure, the legs are not dried.
  • A decoction of spurge is also very effective. It is brewed and infused, add to the bath and hold it down for 20 minutes. This procedure can be done twice a week.

Also widespread recipes of lotions. In their moistened cotton swab and treat the affected areas. Tools used the following tools:

  • Potassium permanganate solution treat the skin and leave for fifteen minutes. After the procedure, you need a good rinse.
  • Treat the skin onion juice for ten minutes.

Fungus treatment between toes medical methods

Cream application of the fungus between the fingers

As already mentioned, the best treatment is complex. It includes the use of drugs of various forms. Adults are usually prescribed a stronger ointment and pills, children – gels and creams.

Medication of the fungus are produced in the forms of:

  • Ointments, creams, gels.
  • Sprays, aerosols.
  • Drops.
  • Tablets and solutions for injection.

Medications can be hormones in the composition, in this case, they cannot be used for children, pregnant and lactating, because they're very effective effect on the body. Assign them to your physician may, when the usual medicines do not help. In hormone drugs list of contraindications and side effects.

Prevention of fungus between toes

For effective treatment and to prevent re-infection by the fungus between the toes are advised to observe preventive measures:

  • To boost immunity. For this you need to eat right, feel light physical exertion, be tough to drink vitamins. To prevent overdose of drugs.
  • Attention to General health, to cure diseases of the internal organs.
  • To prevent mechanical damage on the feet.
  • Try not to visit public places where possible the inhabitation of fungal cells.
  • Do not give strangers not to use other people's clothes and shoes.
  • To cure all patients with fungus family members.
  • Follow the rules of hygiene.
  • To promptly contact their doctor.